Ses Rotes Velles – Agroturismo Campos, Mallorca


Although it does not seem so for many visitors at first glance, Campos has a rich artistic, historic and cultural heritage.

The city was founded in the fourteenth century by King James II. Campos name comes from the times of the Muslim conquests and here you can find many memories of different cultures, which at some point were part of Mallorca. Here are some examples:

Archaeological discoveries around Campos

Fields around there are some tombs and ancient caves Talayotic period (1700-1200 BC). For example, Ses Talaies, Son Toni Amer, Morro de Son Coves, are Xorc or s’llla Gavina or Talaiot Son Baco Talaot period (1200 – 123 BC). Also on the beach of Es Trenc can be found remains of the Punic Ebusitana Factory (III century) are Fadrinet, an early Christian basilica from the second half of the sixth century.

Banys de Sant Joan de Font Santa

They are the only functional thermal baths in the Balearic Islands, and remain there from the Roman period. The spa dating from about 117 B.C. Today, the Hotel Fonsanta uses the font. Here you can book a visit to the thermal baths.

Vila House / Town Hall

The town hall was built in the early fifteenth century and was renovated in 1649 and during the twentieth century repeatedly.

Font Santa Aljub

The historic building had intended to store rainwater. It dates from 1671 and was restored in 2007. The building has a storage capacity of 400,000 liters and a modern filter system for those times, with 2 separate filters. At the top of the building through the back window, you can see the ancient coats of arms of Campos.

Museu de les dels Germanes Sagrats Cors

The museum dates back to the twentieth century and is located between the buildings of the monasteries and the home of the founder of the Order. It used to be the headquarters of the famous daughter of fields, Sister Maria Rafaela.

Oratory of Sant Blai

The oratorio is one of the first churches in Majorca and the first records date back to 1395. Each February 3, residents of Campos come to this location and commemorate the patron saints, oil rubbed his neck and lift pieces of bread and sweets that are supposed to prevent sore throats 😉

Colonia Sant Jordi

Only 2 kilometers of Ses Rotes valleys, the costal town of Colonia Sant Jordi is where you can book tours to the island of Cabrera and take advantage of everything offered to tourists, such as visiting the Natural History Centre Cabrera.