Ses Rotes Velles – Agroturismo Campos, Mallorca

Mills of Campos

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Surely you have seen the multiple and colorful windmills on your journey to Ses Rotes Velles. Through the region of Campos these are some of the main attractions. Unlike what many people think, Ramelldiente Mills used to extract groundwater in the dry southwest of Majorca.

For residents of Campos this was a turning point in history because they started the foundation of the infrastructure of agriculture and agricultural trade, especially for dairy farms.

The older models were only 14 and belong to the year 1914 and until 1966 that number grew to giant figure of 1,500. But that did not seem to be enough and the original energy source, the wind, was replaced by gears of diesel and electrical systems, and then the amount of water extracted increased significantly. Many sources got salty and this led to a considerable drop in the agricultural industry.

Today the “Mills” are part of the landscape and a memory of the past. Take your time by car or by bike and explore this part of the history of Campos.