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Salines de Es Trenc

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Even from a distance you see the white mountains as salt glow in the sun.

From the times of the Romans and Phoenicians salt has been a precious commodity in Majorca and with the passage of time, the importance of salt production has increased to the point where in 1958 the company Salinas de Levante in Es Trenc opened and salt sales rose in the 80s. Since then, the mechanical production produces over 10,000 tons of salt per year on 135 hectares.

The pure salt has lost meaning, but another component of salt has begun to gain popularity: Flor de Sal d’es Trenc, the fine crystals that form on the surfaces of the salt islands are today one of the souvenirs for most famous gourmets of the world. Enriched with natural Mediterranean herbs, olives, hibiscus and other spices, you can find and any deli.

Visit the salt mines of Es Trenc and understand more about the production process, history and product details. Here you can find all the details (Spanish). We can help you make a reservation.